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  • Are you considering moving house? If so, then you may want to plan and get a quote from a reputable moving company. One Removal believes the customer is always right and offers top-of-the-line removal services with core interests in the safety of your prized possessions and timeliness. At One Removal, you pay what we quote. No hidden fees, no last-minute cost. Read on to learn how One Removal make moving much easier.

    One Removal credentials

    Our hard-earned reputation in providing personalised moving services demands top-line moving services. One Removal offers reputable moving services to and from Raynes Park with local geographic knowledge and a global perspective. If you are looking to move into a suburban lifestyle without the city bustle while maintaining London’s proximity, you should move to Raynes Park.

    The local ratings are evidence enough of the dedicated quality moving services we provide. Additionally, we have a plethora of companies under our belt who rely on us for full-range relocation services.

    Qualities of reputable moving services

    London is not short of moving services. However, moving requires planning and accountability. Crucial aspects that some removal companies have are better than others. If you are undecided on a reliable moving service, the following removal service essentials will guide you.

    1. Cost

    A moving company quote is a major turn down for most individuals. When choosing a moving company, ensure you only pay what they quote. Look out for hidden fees and after-service charges. Reputable moving services have varied costs depending on the location and nature of the property. Request for a free quotation from a moving company before committing. Also, remember to scrutinize their refund policy to avoid losing your hard-earned quid.

    2. Insurance

    Moving companies prioritise your property & safety of belongings. However, you can never write off property loss possibilities. Natural disasters and accidents may damage your prized possessions. A good removal company has excellent insurance benefits that compensate you for your loss. A clear understanding of the insurance policy will help you make an informed decision. A company with no insurance plan is one of the red flags you should not tolerate.

    3. Storage services

    The capacity of a loving company eliminates the fragmented approach some moving companies take. Top-rated moving services can move up to 5 bedroom apartments and large departmental organizations. Choose a moving company with storage services that meet your needs.

    4. Packing service

    If you trust your packing skills, you can pack the items yourself. However, since moving involves a lot of planning, good moving companies have expert packagers who group your property into different boxes with correct labels. Additionally, the packagers ensure your property arrives at the new location in perfect condition. Next time you are considering moving, check the packing credentials.

    5. Availability

    Top-tier moving companies offer real-time services within short notice. Sometimes you may not know the exact completion date of your new lease agreement, and therefore, you require an easily accessible moving service. However, planning three days before moving is ideal to ensure you get all the discounts and an accurate quotation.

    6. Unpacking service

    After you settle in your new home, arranging furniture, wall paintings, and electronics to your liking can be challenging. Professional movers utilize their expert servicemen to unpack your goods and arrange them for the best aesthetic appearance in your house. A good moving service imparts home arrangements at no extra cost.

    Why One Removal Raynes Park?

    One Removal movers check all the boxes for a top-tier moving company. Our geographical knowledge of Raynes Park and its environs gives us the cutting edge above other moving services. Our rates are friendly with no hidden charges. We offer a full array of removal services, including man and van service, apartment removals, and packing service.

    We understand that during the moving process, bottlenecks may impede the progress of getting your dream home. We offer kid term secure storage for your property as you resolve leasing issues. We also take the initiative to synchronize your mail with the new address. You can expect to receive all mails, bills, and important documents to your new address despite moving mid-month.

    FAQs on moving

    Do I need a pre-move survey?

    Yes, a pre-move survey enables you to evaluate the rates of different moving companies, their services, and reviews. Moving companies perform routine surveys to evaluate your property and identify potential bottlenecks to efficient moving.

    When do I pay for my removal?

    Typically, you will pay seven days before the removal day. However, some removable services providers offer you a stretched payment period if you can not complete the full amount upon moving day.


    Whether you are moving to or from Raynes Park, One Removal offers you reliable removal services. We liaise with your landlords and the general community of Raynes Park to provide you with competitive and top-of-the-line removal services. Our staffs friendly attitude will make moving seamless. If you are considering moving, make a move with One Removal.

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